Our powerful in house WMS was carefully selected after decades of tier 1 WMS exposure. Whether it is Manhattan Associates WMS, SAP EWM, Oracle MSCA, or one of the hundreds of other ERP/WMS platforms we've been exposed to through our clients over the years, we have developed an un-paralleled comprehension of Warehouse Management Systems and their application in our facilities. When it came time to selecting our own platform to meet the needs of our smaller accounts, we held our selection to the highest standards. Our Tier 1 WMS affords us the ability to handle any distribution model.

Some Features Include:
□ Customized EDI Mapping to any level of capabilities
□ Inbound ASN planning and receiving
□ RF UPC scanning, Put Away, Picking, Manifesting and Loading
□ Cycle Counting
□ Re-warehousing
□ Building zone mapping
□ Location setup, Active, Exhaust Replenishment, Reserve, Receiving, Pack and Hold, Dock
□ Fully compliant, and customized UCC128 shipping and content labels
□ Barcode/UPC printing
□ Returns Processing
□ Work Order and Vas processing
□ Outbound Load and Manifest building
□ Complete Partner Visibility of Inventory, Receiving and Shipping order Status
□ Customized Email Alerts to your customers for E-Com


Regardless of your level of sophistication and ERP capabilities, our in house edi mapping enables us to virtually map any document to our WMS/TMS. Regardless of simple flat files, csv files, or ASC X12 transactions, we can import your data, and send you back the information you need. Our most common transaction sets that we're trading in the thousands daily are:
□ X12 940 & equivalents (Outbound Shipping Order)
□ X12 943 & equivalents (Inbound Receiving ASN)
□ X12 944 & Equivalents (Receipt Advice Back to Host)
□ X12 945 & Equivalents (Shipping Order Advice Back to Host)
□ X12 846 & Equivalents (On Hand Inventory and Adjustment Advice)
□ X12 888 & Equivalents (Item Master Setup)