A Proven Long Term Partner

Who We Are

United Distribution Services is a privately owned and operated 3PL with 20 years in business. We've taken great pride in our long term relationships with our partners, and contribute our success to our un-paralleled understanding of industry knowledge and application, technology, and our people.

Who We Serve

With 20 years of experience, we possess the knowledge and capabilities to service Fortune 500 Manufacturers and Retailers, and serve the delicate requirements for small start up designers. We look to grow with our partners, and have a true dedication to a mutual success.

Partners who have chosen to entrust their fulfillment to UDS have been able to focus their efforts to their core business values, the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of goods. We enable companies to eliminate over head, and provide a fixed cost per unit. With our ability to scale equipment, people, and space, we can handle your volume fluctuations flawlessly and with moments notice.